So it’s time to sell your website?

How to Sell Your Website in a Jiffy

Time to sell that website and move on to a new challenge? Flippa makes that quite easy for you.

You have built your site from scratch and you have been making some decent regular streams of income from it. Good for you. You now feel like it is time to turn it over to someone else, for any reason, ranging from the need to free up your time to a new venture that requires a large initial outlay.

When you reach this decision, you need a solid plan that will see you dispose of your website at the best price in the market and to the right person. Some of the things that you could consider before selling your website include;

  1. What is the Value of your site?

This is a tricky question and one that could generate all sorts of answers. Think about it this way: your site is your business. It earns you a regular monthly income and therefore it is your valued assert. Using capitalization method, you could take the annual earnings from the site before taxation and depreciation, and then multiply that number by 3. Basically, if your site brings in $150,000 per year before tax and other expenses, multiply that 3. Your site would be valued at $450,000. Not bad for a site you started as a hobby 6 years ago, right?

But that only happens in a perfect world

In the open market, your site is worth what the buyer is willing to pay. You could get lucky and sell for as much as the figure above, but in most cases, you will be at the mercy of the buyer. At this point, your best guide at arriving at a comfortable price for the both of you would be monthly incomes. (How much do you make after expenses and what is your mark-up? The resulting figure should set you off for your next project).

  1. Talk is Cheap; Documentation Is Not

A serious buyer will want to know the history of your site, why you are selling it, the amount of traffic that it generates (very important), and your finances in a nutshell. If you take your website seriously then you will have no trouble producing this information. The amount of traffic and your financial records (from the time you started the site to the point when you are selling it so that they can note the progressive history) will be a great deal of help when negotiating the selling price. You could also use your history to speculate (in a way you can prove it) the future earnings of the site.

  1. It all Boils Down To This: Finding a Buyer

You can approach this in two ways; you could look for buyers within your industry since they would be easier to sell find. Or, you could cast your net wider and entice a buyer outside of your niche but in a relatable industry that they could use your site to attract new audience to their business.

If you cannot seem to get far with your search for a buyer, you could try any one of the sites that specialize in website sales, such as Flippa. They sell websites through automated auctions and they could reach wider networks that you would.

Bottom Line

The journey to selling your website is not an easy one. You will find along the way that you are attached to it and only want the best new home for it (just like with a puppy). However, if it is time to let go, ensure to get the best price for you trouble.

Extra Tips!

If you are looking to boost the value of your website why not look at boosting traffic, the more traffic it has the more you can sell for. Techniques such as making sure your site is an authority in the niche are very important. Reach this guide on building an authority site for a good place to start.