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We love minimal web design. Nothing drives us more crazy than to see a website that has a million things going on. With minimal design you carefully lead the eye to follow along smoothly and makes everyone happy. The most important thing to remember when designing is LESS IS MORE.

Minimal Web Design

You might say well hey this website I am not right now doens’t have minimal design. Well that is because this is not our website for designing websites. Now lets move on about how to design a nice clean website. Remember the term negative space in art class? Well this is the most import thing to remember when thinking about your site. Take a look at this image and maybe it will refresh your memory.

What do you notice about this space used here? Ask yourself where is eye leading. Try this, close your eyes and count the first three spots you look and repeat the steps until you start to understand the flow. Now if you can take this theory and apply it to your design you will be a super ninja awesome designer and rake in the dough. If if only it were that easy. Now take a look at this video for more on the subject.

minimal design

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